5 Reasons to Hire a Party Bus for Your Office Party

5 Reasons to Hire a Party Bus for Your Office Party

20 December 2017
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Plenty of office parties head out into town or city instead of staying cramped up in the office itself. People tend to appreciate the chance to get away, but planning such an outing can be stressful. If you want to end up offering a successful and enjoyable night, here are just five reasons why you should opt for a party bus hire.

1. Room for Everyone

It's hard to keep a fun atmosphere going when everyone's arguing about who drives with who and where everyone is going to meet. With a party bus, you don't have to worry. A party bus should be able to fit everyone in the office, so you can keep the whole team together and maintain the energy as you cruise from stop to stop.

2. Easy Pickup

One of the biggest issues with office parties is getting everyone to attend. After all, they normally need to go home first. With a party bus, transportation is already provided. You can arrange for pickup right at your office. When the night is over, everyone will be dropped right back. If you have a smaller team, you can even arrange multiple drop-offs. It's simply more convenient.

3. Fantastic Entertainment

They don't call them party buses for nothing. A good office party shouldn't be broken up by awkward rides in taxis or a fracturing of the main group. In a party bus, the festivities continue as you're driven around. From comfy seats to a party soundtrack to drinks and nibbles, there will be plenty to help keep everyone entertained and in high spirits.

4. Something to Remember

You want your employees to know how valued they are – that's one reason why office parties happen in the first place. As such, it pays to go the extra mile and hire a party bus. Even after a trying day at work, it's hard to resist a smile when one comes swinging around the corner and lets you into its sumptuous, party-friendly interior.

5. No Need for Designated Drivers

Office parties are a time to cut loose a little, and that tends to mean a little drinking. Of course, you don't want your whole team to end up on the floor, but even a couple of glasses of wine or pints of beer will mean they can't drive home. For most office parties, that would mean having a few designated drivers, which isn't a role many are likely to leap at. With a party bus, you don't need any at all. Everyone gets to join in the fun.

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