When Are Studio Apartments Useful While Travelling?

When Are Studio Apartments Useful While Travelling?

28 August 2018
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Venturing to a new city presents lots of exciting opportunities while travelling. The space you're renting will provide a homely atmosphere, allowing you to experience your new destination like a local. Before you take the plunge and settle on an accommodation, it's worth understanding which travel experiences call for choosing a studio over a hotel.

You're going to spend more than five days there

In a lot of cases, renting a studio apartment is cheaper than choosing a hotel. Aside from the per-night fee, they're an excellent means of saving money when it comes to food. Few hotels offer fridge space you can use, which means the costs of eating out will start to mount from the moment you check in. When you rent a studio apartment, you can stick to a low budget on the food front, as they usually come with kitchens and dining spaces.

You don't like the sense of claustrophobia that comes with hotels

Staying in a hotel conveys plenty of benefits. Most feature daily maid services, allowing you to return home to a clean environment after a busy day exploring. One of the major downsides is that you're going to spend the next few days living in a compact area. In contrast, studio apartments are often more spacious, and they feature most of the facilities you rely on at home. As a result, you won't feel as claustrophobic.

You want to experience life in a historic building

Depending on the city you're visiting, many local authorities prevent businesses from making adaptations to historic buildings. As such, it's difficult to find a hotel that will play on your destination's authentic charm. In contrast, those who rent out their studio apartments do so without making any tweaks. So whether you want to occupy a Georgian property in London or nestle into an industrial loft in Paris's Montmartre, studios are the way forward.

You're a foodie

If you visit new places with the aim of exploring their culinary offerings, you may want to try your hand at cooking local cuisine. Heading down to the local market to purchase ingredients is a whimsical activity. It's also the type of activity you can only enjoy when you rent an apartment of any kind. Some food tourists also take local cooking classes to enhance their skills. If you're one of them, rent a studio apartment so you can refine your techniques.

With an array of decorative options and the chance to save money, it's no wonder studio apartments are popular. Before paying for yours, always remember to check out the legitimacy of your host. 

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